Decisive Investments

We identify courageous innovators that dare reimagine the folds of the social (and ambiental) fabric, seeking to build enterprises which are in service of society.
The sense of purpose is the driving edge that unites us, and we support those entrepreneurs in their mission to transform society and the planet through disruptive solutions.

We want to change the course of this great river in which the world’s capital flows. To us, each investment must create an economic, social, and environmental value. To achieve this, we only make what we call decisive investments, that are supported by evidence and key to achieve a more sustainable and inclusive economic model.

We value entrepreneurs and businesses that practice values based on ethics, that have as part of their culture incorporating the best practices for all its stakeholders, measuring and evolving at each step of the way, at the same pace with the transformation they promote into the world.

We are a part of the movement that transforms capital into positive impact.

Together, we weave tomorrow.

Impact in practice

We take part in a global movement which has as its collective purpose to redefine the concept of success in business.One of the methods we’ve found to measure and monitor our own impact is through the B Impact Assessment, evaluating the best practices of our company in the following areas: Governance; Workers; Community; Environment; and Clients.

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IMPact Management Project is a forum created to construct a global consensus on how to measure and report impact. Its framework unfolds in five aspects: What, Who, How Much, Contribution, and Risk. That is: what are the impacts; who or what is being impacted; how much is being impacted; the investor’s contribution to the impact; and what risks are there of the impact being negative, as opposed to what is intended. This analysis contributes in all the phases of investment, facilitating the initial diagnostics, as well as the deeper evaluations. This assists in the collection of relevant data and in the strategies in decision making as part of the investment. Furthermore, we use this framework to guide our action in conjunction with the companies that are already part of our coalition of change-makers.

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